Major Investment: Micron to Establish Semiconductor Facility in Gujarat, India

Micron, a US-based company, made an exciting announcement on June 22, 2023, regarding its plans to invest a substantial amount of up to $825 million in a new semiconductor assembly and test facility in Gujarat, India. This marks Micron’s entry into the Indian market, and the facility is anticipated to generate approximately 5,000 direct job opportunities.

The chosen location for the facility is the Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) in Gujarat. It is projected to commence operations by late 2024, focusing primarily on the assembly and testing of DRAM and NAND memory products.

This investment holds immense significance for India’s semiconductor industry, as the country presently relies heavily on semiconductor imports with limited domestic manufacturing capabilities. Micron’s investment is expected to contribute to India’s journey towards self-sufficiency in semiconductor production.

Moreover, Micron’s decision to invest in India signifies their confidence in the country’s economic growth. Being a prominent global player in the semiconductor industry, Micron’s choice to establish a presence in India serves as a positive testament to the nation’s promising future.

Let’s summarize the key details about the Micron semiconductor facility in Gujarat:

Location: Dholera SIR, Gujarat
Investment: Up to $825 million
Job Creation: Up to 5,000 direct jobs
Product Focus: DRAM and NAND memory products
Expected Operational Date: Late 2024

The establishment of the Micron semiconductor facility in Gujarat is a significant milestone for India’s semiconductor industry. It not only reflects confidence in India’s economic growth but also paves the way for enhanced self-sufficiency in semiconductor production within the country.